Psyop (yes, again): MTVHD

As Bran pointed out in the comments to my previous Psyop post, their spot for MTVHD is friggin’ incredible. Wow.

Psyop: MTVHD

EDIT: I updated the still and found a slightly higher-quality version of the spot (linked above).

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  • Yeah, wow… that’s a pretty strong piece.

  • najork

    At the Stash screening they showed an HD copy off a laptop. Even with quicktime player struggling to maintain the framerate it was pretty stunning. The whole idea was to make something to justify HD, that would not really work at SD.

  • dooda

    stunning… simply a masterwork.

  • JJR

    UN_FREAKIN_BELIEVABLE. Just when I was getting tired of looking at their work, they had to create something like that.

    I’m going to start carving their trophy tonight.

  • wow, the particle simulations here are stunning also the seamless transitioins between shots is great… espec. the shot of the crow flock as it transtions into the tree texture. such a fresh piece w/ replay value.

  • must say it’s got me thinking about retiring right now… stunning work. serious

  • ThatGuy

    Pretty damn cool at 320×240, imagine how good it looks hi-res! Though i must say, it is just a bunch of birds flying about…

  • FemaleWizard

    clean the drool from monitor and get a grip! whats all this fuss about? you are all falling in love with those crows? seriously? i can almost read the particle settings from the 3D app. HD SD MD CD 3D this is good stuff but really only extra-ordinary at best.