Diesel (Updated)

There are some really incredible moments in this new promo from Diesel. I don’t like it quite as much as “Lost Paradise,” their ground-breaking collaboration with Lobo a couple years ago, but it’s definitely worth a gander. I really dig the Asian-themed pagoda sequence near the middle.


I’m trying to find out more about this piece, like who made it exactly and when/where it’s being shown. As far as I can tell, it’s part of Diesel’s “Camouglage Tales” campaign and it was created by (or with) Vasava in Barcelona.

Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for their input in the comments. I got an email earlier today from Fernando and Teo over at Dvein, but I’ve been in class all day. The work was indeed completed by Dvein during a period while they were working for Vasava. Devein is currently working on the opening credits for the OFFF Festival, and when they’re done with that, they’ll return to freelancing.

Thanks to Sergio for the link.

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  • The motion piece for Diesel is by the two super tallented persons Teo Guillem and Fernando Dominguez. (Yes they work at Vasava)

  • Nice peice.

  • Fuki´n PIMPS from Spain,, dope video,, vasava sucks but DVEIN Rules,,
    Vasava don´t do nothing about this video, all the work is doed by the young genious of DVEIN, except the audio,, but the audio is not too much good.

    Check this out! http://www.dvein.com

  • ok… i’m diggin the piece… again tho.. nothing like Lost Paradise.. but still a worthy piece..

    feels like there’s too much 3D.. and like “let’s just screw around and make stuff look odd” instead of “let’s do an underwater scene and stop motion a crab getting drunk”..


    a few questions from the marketing side of my brain…
    #1.. did they get paid for this?

    #2.. is this supposed to be selling clothes or even a brand (diesel is barely represented throughout?

    #3.. where would something like this be displayed? i can see maybe in a store.. where people can just pass by and check it out.. but still.. what’s it doing for the company?

    eh.. i’m jaded..

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  • Hallo to all!!
    Thanks for all the comments.
    We just want to say that it was a good experience to do this video with the people of Vasava.

  • dooda

    there’s never too much 3d/2d.. in todays motion graphics field its better if you know 3d than to not.

    otherwise keep up the great work..

  • Aneurisma

    It looks a lot like the Psyops’ Bombay and Wildflower (video for SherYl Crow)… Was there anyone from Psyop working on this piece?


    ( I prefer the wild knights skull stuff personally. )

  • Greg; “feels like there’s too much 3D..”

    what do you think this is? did you realise that you are posting on a “motion blog” site? where expecting puppets on strings to jump out of your screen and dance for you??
    and 3D opposed to what, oh let me guess after effects cut-outs right?
    haha you funny…
    anyway this is reallt cool work, animation is super smooht, conept and desing good…. an eleven out of ten for sure!!!

  • fernando did also my website and he is going to do a new one(verdad nando? I’m waiting…). He is very talended (teo too, off course…),and I am very proud of him! If you have a look to the website,you can see fernando: he is also my model…
    I know he is goodlooking…but he his mine!!!!!!!!!!!

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