poor Noodle…

Why? why, why, WHY! Watch and find out what why I question so… Seemingly, a sequel to the ‘Feel Good Inc.’ video, this one, for… Read more

JJ&Maithy Sweet’N Low Pt. Deux

Hornet’s JJ&Maithy just released a second, beautifully done Pink Panther spot for Sweet’N Low. I enjoyed the seamless blend of 3D and 2D animation in… Read more

Powers of Ten

X-Wife Ping Pong music video

This company Las Palmas Films did a music video for the band X-Wife. I loved the idea and it’s fantastically executed. Animating graphics on graphic… Read more

1K Studios: Call for Reels

CALL FOR REELS 1K Studios is looking for skilled freelance Designers/Animators to join our team. Qualified candidates should have experience concepting/designing on high-end projects for… Read more

what if…

The kings of typography in motion are back with this great little piece that carries some nice use of typography. Trollback + Co have always… Read more

Zero 7 video by click3x

If we are talking about design, I’d have to say that this video exemplifies two of the best little pieces of advice when it comes… Read more

yU+co is hiring

yU+co – a Hollywood-based visual design/FX company – is seeking an experienced art/creative director for their commercial and broadcast departments. Candidate should have extensive experience… Read more

The New Lingua Franca

Fallon: Travelers Reader and informant Yotam Hadar brought an interesting site to our attention recently. Built by Fallon, the Travelers “In Synch Challenge” site is… Read more

Patrick O’Brien Foundation

Transfatty (a.k.a. Patrick O’Brien) needs our help. Actually, he and several hundred thousand people need our help. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Transfatty… Read more

Perception looking for designers

Perception, a streamlined design, editing and effects company in manhattan, is seeking very talented freelance motion graphic and broadcast designers. Candidates MUST have broadcast or… Read more

45 Minutes of Fame

I’m going to triple Warhol’s promise and get me a whole 45 minutes in the spotlight at next week’s Promax/BDA conference in New York. So… Read more