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Ugly Pictures + Man vs. Magnet

This is the funniest bit of mograph work I’ve seen in a while. Maybe ever. Directed by Ugly Pictures and animated by man vs. magnet (both with Curious Pictures), this spot takes you on a hilarious, ultra-violent, semi-pornographic tour through just about every famous album cover known to man.


My favorite bit, I think, is the Velvet Underground/Pink Floyd prism sequence. So damned clever.

The spot was created for Fluid Battle of the AdBands in NYC.

Posted on 5 October 2006 |

8 thoughts on “Ugly Pictures + Man vs. Magnet

  1. Yeah, I can’t think of a mograph spot that has actually had me laughing like that for some time. What a great self promo project. I’m sensing that is the new route to go with self promo work. Instead of creating a spec project with a company logo, why not push it further and create something totally original. The Eyeball project was the other animation that came to mind.

    The Pink Floyd section and the Dead Kennedy’s fighting logo section are hilarious!

  2. dk fighting vh was the shit

    i’ve been a man vs magnet fan for awhile.. this boy will go far i tells ya

  3. without the long ho-ha’s.. thats dope, funny, smart and what-not.. big pum-pum and a golden star… oh and “two thumbs up” (professional critic’s language)