jewels, ink, and feathers

This really interesting short film caught my eye the other day. It received the animation award at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. There are some pretty great moments in this piece, a good story, really interesting animation, and a great use of 2.5d space. The short was created by Run Wrake, an animator and illustrator, who’s been in the game since 1990, nice. Congrats Run!

Check it out.

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  • spicoli

    maybe its just me, but it kind of reminds me of beliefs piece for hypefest. nice piece though, keep rawking run wrake!×

  • Such a stand-out piece, though. It simply refers to the same illustration era. The storytelling is really what pushes this film into something so much more than just a cute juxtaposition of style and content.

    I’ll stop with the big words now.

    Greak work, Run Wrake!

  • spicoli

    i love stories


    Dude, this is so old… this went its rounds months ago keep with the times man. yea?

  • brynn

    old, perhaps, but glad this was brought it back ’round, because now I got to discover it and marvel at it… story with a moral, execution, the music… and after all, we cheer for the rabbit (love that the most.)

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