Greg C. pointed me towards the work of designer Kim Dulaney earlier today; her storyboards and illustrations are to kill for. Beautifully hand-created, each project listed is unique and varied. As evidenced by much of her work, Kim is a fulltime designer at Stardust. Lucky guys.

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  • steviegjon


  • karmachum

    sure is zee bomb!

  • jez

    go kim go

  • Kim = the future

  • pig bottom

    more props!

  • absolutely stunning work. in total awe.

  • Mr Face

    can’t wait to see pass it on :)

  • it’s really good stuff. some of the links are broken on the second line from the top though.

    i love how well the type is integrated into each piece no matter how wild the palette or composition.

    this is truly awe inspiring work.

  • joniloveschatchi

    Kim rocks the mic!

  • DIA

    I give kim hi-fivers at work because she is so badass.

  • Marcia

    You one in a Billion! Watch out world!

  • Steve

    fresh, brilliant, inspiring: bravo Kim !

  • Old bag

    Great visuals, talented!! but lacks a little bit of been specific to any brand. it’s more [place your logo here] approach. It’s the fast food amnesia culture. Oops, what was I talking about?

  • zk

    !! xo, zk

  • hek yes. i want mooore

  • Beautiful stuff, but I wonder how much of it would maintain its quality when animated.

  • ChicO

    OK, calm down boys. And i agree with Old bag. She just seems to do her stuff with no much regard for the brand.
    Do some wormy shapes here, some flashy thunders here and place walmart logo here.

    There’s good stuff, but some of it is average or low too. A lot of it looks same or very similiar. She definately loves wormy shapes, which are in almost all of the designs, kinda lame. Stardust is either triangles or wormy shapes or flashes or something like that. And what’s fresh about such vintage graphics? The stuff i see there is like 95% of what has been done so very often recently. When’s the 80ies pop gonna be over finally.
    I’m sure she’s better than most of you though and for a girl (without being a sexist) that’s a plus.

  • jeremy

    what a shit thing to say chicO. Maybe lighting bolts are over used, but it doesn’t mean that it’s shit. Take your head out of your ass.

  • Chic0

    i hate my life.

  • Chris

    Does anyone else think this stuff looks a lot like Lifelong? Just Wondering

  • xpez


    Be careful with whom you allow to lead your creativity and be aware of the people who are really controlling the commercial visibility of your work.

    You may find that one day in the future, everything you thought was perfect has now faded into the dustbin of obscurity -titled “trends”, leaving you with a myopic process which the results have all too quickly become the cliched fodder consumed by a creatively desperate audience of peers.

    In other words, make sure you are not just repeating the words of your master. When the day comes to leave your master you’ll want to be able to sing more than one song and posess something that is truly your own.

  • xpez

    Observing recurring themes, motifs, colors, and other visual elements in design work is usually referred to as STYLE.

    I dont think the argument of style vs content has reached its zenith in motion graphics as it has in architecture, art, and print design. And maybe it doesnt matter for an industry whose primary output is so ephemeral by nature and driven by wads of CASH.

  • Kribby

    I feel both ChicO and xpez hit it on the nose. Great meticulous observations from the both. Art Direction is both (if not now) seen in their careers.

  • xpez

    thanks kriddy

    thanks for reminding us that this is a forum for congratulatory remarks only and not a forum for discussion and debate to possibly push the field and its practicioners progressively forward.

    Thanks again.

  • helvetica


  • Kim Rules. Not only she is the sweetest person but also one of the radest artists I’ve met in a long time.
    I’d get a tattoo if she designed for it.