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Save the Date: Inspire 07, Feb 16th


Mark February 16th down on your calendars, my dear readers. That’s the date of Inspire 07, a symposium dedicated to excellence in motion graphics being hosted by The Savannah College of Art and Design‘s department of Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics.

I’m helping organize the event, and I can honestly tell you it’s going to be rad. Our confirmed lineup includes Exopolis (a joint presentaiton by Brien Holman and Jayson Whitmore), Shilo, Psyop and Jakob Trollbäck. We’ll also have a Cream O’ the Crop Awards show showcasing some of the best work of 2006.

Check back here for more details. We’ll be launching a site soon with full registration information.

Posted on 30 November 2006 |

14 thoughts on “Save the Date: Inspire 07, Feb 16th

  1. Dude, we need to get some beer when I get back in town. I’m at a lakehouse now, but I’ll be back either Friday or Saturday.

    This is an oddly public place to write such a message, but I’m buzzed on cheap red wine, so whatever.

  2. Hells yeah man. I shall be back in Savannah on the 11th of November. We definately will be hanging.. just let me know, red stripe, blue ribbon, yueng-ling, high life, sweetwater 420? which shall it be.. i may warn you, the Atlanta bottled Sweetwater 420 will get you how shall i say it … Krunked?

    things got outta hand with that meal plan card last few days, 6 subs, a tons of unneccessary groceries from the convenience store, and a stomach ache here or there. it ruled.

    anyways.. we’ll be speaking sooner than later. peace man, hope you’re enjoying the break. Peace.

  3. “Atlanta bottled Sweetwater 420″ oh my god he’s talking about southern style sweet tea. my precious..

  4. Dude this sounds awesome….. I’m gonna try to grab all of my classmates who are into MO’GPX from Portfolio Center. Sounds like a good reason for a road trip.

  5. Ever thought of vidcasting those talks? You could server them up via the rss. That would be a killer library on process and insight to those great designers work. Would be a really good bonus for the Motionographer faithfull… as if you don’t do enough for us already. Just a thought.
    thanks Justin.

  6. Yo Justin,

    Yeah I went to FITC. It was pretty rad, nothing leaves you inspired like seeing tons of work infinitly better than your own (also the reason I come here). Gmunk was really down to earth, plus I won an Xbox 360 just for showing up (not even kidding, my other Xbox 360 got busted 24 hours before I won the new one at FITC haha – Karma)