Tipping the Scales

SCALE, a collective studio based in NYC, recently updated their site, and it’s worth a gander. Under the creative directorship of Todd Sines, SCALE’s roster… Read more


Kiwi! is a student animation by Dony Permedi, and I love it. (via Rhett @ Heavy Backpack)

XYZ unleashes the Scooter Squad

I’m really, really late posting this one up. Still, if you haven’t already seen it, XYZ studios in Melbourne have finished a rebrand TVC for… Read more

For Your Eyes Only

A brilliant homage to the sex-soaked title sequences of James Bond films by Maurice Binder, National Television’s new video for the Scissor Sisters’ “Land of… Read more

Buck doses TV Land

Buck dips in to the illustrative styles of decades past for a series of :15 IDs for TV Land that highlight the hairstyles, footwear, and… Read more

this is network

network is an interesting new idea from seasoned producer Alex Dervin, who started with Imaginary Forces 10 years ago and was an integral part of… Read more

Zune campaign

While I couldn’t care less about the product itself, it’s campaign is turning out to be a really awesome collection of memorable creative work. Take… Read more

Parasol Island: Masters of Masterfile

Parasol Island wrangled over 5,000 photos to create this epic promo for stock photo company Masterfile’s European launch. Parasol Island did a masterful (sorry, couldn’t… Read more

Directors Notes

Guilherme Marcondes recently tipped me off to a great podcast called Directors Notes, for which he was recently interviewed. It’s a really well-done show that,… Read more

Christopher Mills: HP “Crazy Town”

The mixed media style of “Crazy Town” directed by Christopher Mills (Spy Entertainment) is fun and, in terms of HP’s existing campaigns, daringly different. I’m… Read more