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Buck: Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’06


Buck’s new promo for Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’06 is a fun ride through the headlines of 2006. The spot is full of Buck’s trademark wit and whimsy, and it features a little Dia de los Muertos imagery, which I’m a sucker for.

Posted on 22 December 2006 |

5 thoughts on “Buck: Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’06

  1. super sick animation, but I can’t help but hope a parallel universe exists where such good work isn’t tainted by crappy voice over dialogue and dumb advertising slogans.

  2. urrrr dho,
    the cheesy voice over is on purpose…you dont get it?

    geez, thats the thing with doing stuff like that, you can never be sure what the short bus will make of it.

  3. the cloth animation of the flag is clunky. which is actually a good thing because now i know that even the best studios can’t always make cloth simulations look good on a tight deadline. (the curtains look much better tho)

    i agree on the dia de los muertos imagery, nice tie in, works great on a conceptual level, a big fan of how that was pulled off.