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Jayson Whitmore Updates


Jayson Whitmore has long been one of my favorite animator/director/creative directors. His work is quirky but insanely polished. His sense of pacing is impeccable and the energy in his projects is always full-throttle. So it’s with great pleasure that I announce his new site, featuring a new reel and new work.

Jayson, by the way, will be speaking at Inspire 07 with Brien Holman of Exopolis. Should be awesome.

Posted on 29 January 2007 |

31 thoughts on “Jayson Whitmore Updates

  1. hahahah!


    Look, You know I love all y’alls moms and yes we had a GREAT time.

    Sneaky exopolis kidz! I miss u guys! See you next week!

  2. Thanks Justin for the props!

    Super kind of you!

    Thank-you and team for the bitchen site and endless inspiration.

  3. bad jokes about his mom… sometimes i wonder what crack is going around LA these dayz.

    reel is dope. a good animator plus good designers and directors and you get coolness. i am sure we are going to see some more nice stuff coming out of LA studios with Whitmore around. inspiring. rock!

  4. your mom is nice! i like. she has pretty face. i would like to make a romance inside her or do liquid explosion on her face. it will be sexy time yes.

  5. z0mgBBqwtF Marc your reel is by far the best acting reel ever, I have an extra position open in my next film called revenge of the overpaid extras.

  6. Marc I truly underestimated you, I fully retract my comment! You are one ofthe finest actors in the biz, you will no doubt soar with the greats like nicholson, travolta, and jerry lewis. I also am casting in my next film called never post here again.

  7. WOW just WOW

    one time whitmore and I spent all night at a hot club in San Francisco and well…. I have never been the same.

    lub jU hitmore

  8. oh yeah I forgot did you guys hear about that iphone, I think its a fake

    GO CISCO!!!!

  9. _davidL: hm
    _casey: hmm Im above iphone jokes
    _casey: hmm Im david myeah myah
    _davidL: much better

  10. I’m surprised to read this hostility on the internet. No need to be jealous because i’m a real actor and in touch with hollywood.
    I love motiongraphics ever since i saw them on tv. I found this site with google. Me and a good friend think about starting a shop in hollywood. He was in the dvd-business for years and we both think this new media type of stuff is a good investment.

  11. Hey up guys

    I was just wondering if you knew of any motion graphics / wicked post production houses outside of London but in the UK?