Spontaneous and Bluerock for Chase


This spot is not mind-blowing. It will not change your life. But its silky smooth transitions and clever usage of type pump up the standard credit card yadda-yadda-yadda, transforming the spot into something that holds up to repeat viewing really well. It’s solid, quality work built around good concepting and planning. I like that.

VFX by Spontaneous, editing by Bluerock, both based on NYC.



Pretty lame concept, but that’s not spontaneous’ fault.

The spot is telling me: “Ok we (chase) are the nazis, do you see our swastika all over the place?”


The spot may not be amazing, but you can’t diss on the logo. Chermayeff and Geismar started a long lasting trend in abstract minimalism for corporate logos with that baby. May not seem fresh now, but sure beats a cheesy emblem.


hey! i’ve used that sailboat before! :-)
thats a freebie model!



Simon Robson

the soundtrack is so bad it peeled the enamel from my teeth


yeah the music isn’t subtle at all.. I hate it when they ruin a 70′ or 80’s classic by trying to recontextualize the original lyrics.. which were often about rebellion or anarchism… to something they can use to sell evil. sick how it works out sometimes in advertising right..

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