Poll: New Windows or Not?

Web designers debate long and hard about many important things, and at the top of their long list of issues is one burning question: Should… Read more

Move over Cee-Lo

I recently saw a new music video on the latest edition of Stash for the hip-hop group Subtle, directed by the uber-talented SSSR of passion… Read more

Carlo Giovani

Carlo Giovani is one of the most unique illustrators I’ve seen in a while and can do some really amazing things with paper.

Forget the Film, Watch The Titles!

Here’s a project definitely worth checking out. From Remco, the editor of SubmarineChannel: The project is called ‘Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!’. It’s a… Read more

Samaritans “Doodles”

Created by Lunar BBDO with illustrations for Billie Jean, this commercial for Samaritans is a poignant use of hybrid animation techniques. The soundtrack is Sufjan… Read more

I Met The Walrus

In 1969, Jerry Levitan snuck his way into John Lennon’s hotel room for a brief but wonderfully candid interview. Over 30 years later, Jerry teamed… Read more

JJ & Maithy

While perusing mograph today I stumbled upon updates on both JJ and Maithy’s part… however, seperate! Upon investigation of Hornets site, Maithy is no longer… Read more