Transistor makes some shapes.

I love 100 ft. tall robots crashing through cities as much as the next guy, but sometimes the old eyeballs want something more graphic. Transistor recently completed an all-new rebrand of MTV PRIME, with simple, boldly colored shapes animating on and off screen – creating a retro-futuristic world of delicious eye-candy. What I like best about these pieces is that they’re energetic, adventurous and upbeat – they’re a way to get information on the screen, but somehow they become more about shape and pattern, color and contrast. Each night has a different look and color palette, but they all form a cohesive package that gives the channel a distinctive, fresh look. James Price directed the pieces, with animation and design credited to by Jack Myers, Mitch Paone, Daniel Oeffinger, Tonya Smay and Chad Colby. Tasty.

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  • squidle

    James P with the freshness!

  • that was a funtastic bombastic project.

  • ToolFinder

    Fresh Like a Babywipe!!! Hell Yeah.

  • Mad love to Jack, Mitch, Daniel, Tonya, Chad, Jamie, Ian, Sloan, Groeschner, SalmSalmer and The Downes Method.

  • ah… that’s more like it… back to the good old days of 2003 before everything was 3D. this is a very refreshing change of pace and in my opinion much more tasteful.

  • This project is Amaze! Big ups to the cats down at trans.

  • Psychotic love back to James…(and we’ve all truly benefited from The Downes Method)

  • awesome visuals! and I´m proud to say that the music from the video is from some friends of mine band :)

  • apy

    Wonderful!!!! Less is more :)

  • Kim

    Lovely color, shape, and movement! But a couple things: First off, FUCK mtv. Secondly, the list of programs and viewing times moves so quickly that you don’t really get a chance to read them.

  • squidle

    Hey Kim, first off, FUCK you :-D Secondly, this is a cutdown just for the promo purposes, not representative of what will be broadcasted. There’s always one . . .

  • Tania

    OH MY GOD, it’s so cute!
    I may be hungry, but I just want to chew it up like bubble gum and then swallow it. Yum!

  • Tracy

    Hey Jack, I see some of your signature moves in here you fucking genius!!!!!!!

  • Ill Hil

    The Downes Method watches and loves from beyond. . .

  • Deocliciano



    does anyone know who created the music?

  • ev

    I saw these on air and was really psyched. They are really nicely designed and fun. Props to all the people that made it.

    MTV supplied us with the tracks. They are up and coming artists that they are promoting.

  • mmm

    Transistor is the illest

  • RobbyCoats

    MMmmm eye candy

  • BMoney

    Mitchies… what’s the name of the song? It kicks ass.


    the music is by a band named KINKY, track called SISTER TWISTED BMoney.