Distant Air

Myron Campbell of NotSoSimpleton launches a new project about his most vivid memories of birds.

Knife: Encyclopedia Pictura

Every once in a while the wind blows a certain way just when the seasons are changing and a very powerful memory of childhood comes… Read more

Silent City Now Online

Back in November, we posted the trailer and a shot breakdown of Ruairi Robinson’s short film, “Silent City.” Well, the whole film is online now… Read more

Strung Out

Yarn on Vimeo This is such a simple concept but it’s mesmerizing. I wish I would have thought of something like it for my last… Read more


Asif Mian aka “EVAQ” has some beautiful work to show. Illustration, design, and some interesting video direction to boot. Not to mention a ADC Young… Read more

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Switch mental gears for a minute and check out this interesting visual essay on the evolution of text/hypertext. Great example of how motion graphics can… Read more

Dstrukt Updates

There’s some fun new work over at Dstrukt. I can’t wait to see his contribution to Psst! Pass It On 2. Thanks, James!

Neil Blomkamp: Tempbot

South African director Neil Blomkamp (Spy Entertainment) has made his latest film, “Tempbot,” available online. It’s an entertaining short about life as a robotic temp… Read more

The (In)famous Craigslist Post

The text below was originally posted on Craigslist (and quickly removed by admins) in response to the ridiculous job offers there soliciting creative services for… Read more


I’ve been getting a few emails from you guys about Pocoyo, a new animated series for preschoolers featuring the prodigious voiceover talent of Stephen Fry… Read more

Nike Meta7

Take a look at this awesome animation for, you guessed it, Nike Japan. Illustrator Paul Huang, creator of Nanospore, teamed up with animators Chris Riehl… Read more

The Brothers Saunders

Chris and Jon both used to work at Stardust LA, until Chirs went freelance and Jon relocated to NY. Their sites, www.cobracoil.tv and www.jonsaunders.tv both… Read more

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