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Tatiana Arocha


I know Tatiana was posted as a quickie a while back, but I think she deserves some 15 minutes of feature list fame. I love her wide range of work, all of which contains her elegant feminine touch. Her website displays some serious skills with motion, static design as well as her talent with the camera. Her work has made it onto cd covers, galleries, store walls, clothing, posters, television…basically, you name it, this girl has designed for it.

Tatiana also appears to have some directing experience under her belt. The spot she co-directed with Alex Moulton for Funkstörung, delves into the joys of the nipple twist and the face’s reaction to it. She directs under the company name of T&A with Moulton.

Check her out

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This is wanted

This is wanted

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Fuel TV ID Contest

Fuel TV ID Contest

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