Beautifully eerie piece from Polynoid

Dark, robotic pieces aren’t new by any means, but this short from Polynoid has such a captivating, chilling beauty. Plus, it’s nice to know that there’s love for everyone out there. Even robotic snails. Thanks to Jeff Dobrow for the heads up.

  • Ohhh my god!!!

  • This was so mind blowing that I forgot to say that I loved the piece so much on the first comment, now i have to comment twice! Damn, that was good to see.

  • Brett

    That Darwin sure was a bitch.

    All joking aside though, I can’t believe how visually stunning this is. I just love watching the subtle movements of them when they merge.

  • i saw the first trailer a while ago, now its finally there. truly awesome movie…rock on polynoid…

  • i saw this on siggraph.

    so i guess after the success of 458nm they started their own company?

  • Nice phallic frame you picked too

  • kmfix