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‘I am totally ripping you off’ – Intellectual Property

Superfad for Phantom

Everything is more dramatic is slow-motion. That’s a given. Mundane acts like sneezing and laughing become epic adventures in physiology. A bullet piercing an apple… Read more

Nustah – clever idea.

Nustah uses some flash trickery to display pre- and post versions of their work.

Patrick Scruggs Jr

Patrick Scruggs Jr is a young great LA based animator. His reel conjures up cliche action movie phrases like “action packed” and “an adrenaline rollercoaster”… Read more

Eli Guerron is Osito

Eli Guerron’s montage is more technical than most of the work we post on Motionographer, but it’s wicked polished and infused with a solid design… Read more


Rokkit representing Motion Theory, Logan, Siamon Chow, Three Legged Legs and more!

Stardust for Paulig Presidentti

It’s been a while since we’ve posted work by Stardust, and I’ve missed their polished style. Their triumphant return to Motionographer’s humble spotlight is with… Read more

VH1 Rock Honors

New from Ugly Pictures, the creators of Battle of the Album Covers, comes a hard-pumpin set of promo spots for the 2007 VH1 Rock Honors… Read more

A Horse’s Ass Can Ruin Everything

Felipe Vellasco and Pedro Gravena created this whimsical stop-motion piece for Brazilian logistics company Luft to explain how one design decision can create a design… Read more