Eloisa Iturbe

Really beautiful work from Argentina at Eloisa Iturbe’s studio. Wonderful, clean design and top-notch animation on IDs and network branding for Italy’s National Geographic Wild… Read more

Nagi Noda

Born in Tokyo, Nagi Noda is a remarkably talented director/art director. Her unique vision and craft make each of her projects wonderful art pieces to… Read more

Panda Panther: New Stuff

Panda Panther has been busy these days, and they’re quickly building a distinctive motion portfolio. Their new series of show opens for MTV are full… Read more

20 / 120 Films online

The 20 new 20 / 120 films presented during BDA last week are now online. They run the gamut from full-on live action short films… Read more

Jonas Odell: The Hours

Jonas Odell (Nexus Productions) has created another music video in his signature style, this time for The Hours. I think one of the reasons Jonas’… Read more

2007 Promax/BDA Title Sequence

Rezn8’s open to the 2007 BDA is beautiful and well rendered while maintaining a very brooding (almost tribal) nature. This is the result of a… Read more

The Truth

Sometimes simplicity is the best route. This ad is a year old, but I’ve only recently discovered it. It’s a fantastic example of how well-written… Read more