New Interview: Fulltank and 72andSunny


Fulltank recently created a beautiful spot for the Zune Arts Films campaign entitled “Dogfight,â€? the first of many done so far to break out from the internet and be shown on television. This piece seamlessly combines many mediums in a way that only a motion graphics piece can do. I had the opportunity to talk with both Fulltank and 72andSunny, the agency behind the campaign, to get a perspective on how a project like this comes to fruition.

Read the interview.

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Jon Saunders


internet surfer/designer extraordinaire

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  • grandchildren

    great info. one of the better zune spots for sure. can’t wait to see more work from Fulltank.

  • oeuf

    Dope spot. Reminded me of Tekkon Kinkreet(sp?)

  • FullTank looking good in the hood. Loving this spot

  • kurt

    Way sick. I love the characters and camera work in this spot.

  • L9

    really enjoyed this piece.