Michel Gondry for Motorola

Michel Gondry’s imaginative new film for Motorola attempts to incorporate the functions of the RAZR2 into the fantasy world he has created. Gondry mentioned that this was a particularly difficult shoot, because all of the scene transformations were done mechanically and in-camera (which is not unusual for him, however he pointed out that he doesn’t think he has done it before at this level).

Coming from someone who feels he focuses to much on all “in-computer” motion graphics, it’s really inspiring to watch primarily in-camera pieces such as this and Logan’s Toyota spot.

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  • KGB

    Cool….but pretty random though.

  • Tear inducing. Love it.


    Cant they just put up a QT, gave up looking for it on their overly flashy site. oh well, maybe next time.

  • They were not all done in camera; there is plenty of re:flex involved :)

  • i wonder if gondry reads motionographer

  • Marc B.

    Nothing new, gondry’s full of himself

  • couldn’t figure out the site.

  • habitat


    youtube link for all you people who cant get the damn site to work.

  • duenorth
  • Wow, that was actually *too* random for me. I simply couldn’t follow what in the hell was going on.

    Visually it was interesting, but it felt like something my subconscious mind would vomit into my occipital lobe after taking some bad acid. I wonder if that’s the message Motorola wanted to communicate…

  • kinetic

    not too bad, definitely showcases the features of the phone. Just had to view it a few times to see what its demonstrating I guess.

    Which is, after all, what advertisements are all about right? Wanting to see it again and again

  • bolo


  • Lightweaver

    justin! right on man.

    thats exactly what i was gonna post. I watched that and immediately wanted to post up on here that i think i need to go for a walk now so that my sense of balance can be realigned.

    I’m total nauseas/ vomit city over here. I’m at work right now and feel like i can’t talk to anyone for an hour or two cause i might just spill some mind garbage cause i just got over a bad acid trip.


  • Lightweaver

    i mean, just look at my last post. My sentences barely make sense. Shew, think i might watch a 5 minute still shot from 2001 so i can balance my psyche.

  • tinapinxit

    uhmm.. this was about a phone? I must be getting old or something..