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Archive for October, 2007

Lexus Pop Up

Just when you thought pop up ads could not be done again, agency Team One along with Stylewar as director came up with a whole new way to do it… just make it really really big! They went to vfx house A52 to pull this difficult task off. The spot looks to be shot live with a real pop up book, but as Jon Pearce of Team One explains, “the book could have been built that large, but the weight of the pop-up extensions would have been too great, and turning the pages on a book that large at a rate that could accommodate a 30-second spot was problematicâ€?.

The solution?

“[P]roduction built a giant, full-sized book frame for green screen, with tabs and wheels that could be manipulated by actual stage hands. And the actual pop-up book with moving parts was a mere six feet high, which was then married to the green screen frame at a52.â€?

Even though it is not a revolutionary concept, the production on this project continues Lexus’s impressive, tactile campaign that uses stagehands to tell precautionary tales.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 | 5 Comments »

Check out XPO

Check out XPO

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Odeon ID

This ID/DVD opener for Polish studio Odeon is brimming with elegance. The design and animation was handled by Pavle Milicevic (who works for Odeon) with music by Marcin Kuczewski and sound recording by Filip Krzemien.

Monday, October 22nd, 2007 | 5 Comments »

Motion Theory for NYC Tourism

This new spot from Motion Theory designed to promote the The Big Apple has been making the rounds, but it’s with a little hesitation that I post it here. MTh did a bang-up job as always. Various illustrative and 3D styles are tossed together in a visual salad that holds together nicely. But there’s something amiss in the underlying concept.

The best thing about visiting New York is the way the city surprises you. A dingy door at the end of a hidden alley turns out to be the greatest salsa bar in the universe. An impromptu parade through Brooklyn sweeps you and your kids away in a cacophony of noise and music. It’s the things you can’t plan about New York that make it worth a visit.

And while this spot does focus on surprise, it feels more like the kind found in pop-up books: in your face and lacking subtlety. The complete lack of narrative feels like a real lost opportunity to explain what makes New York a truly magical place. It’s the about the stories you tell when you come back, not what you see when you’re there.

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