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Do I Have Your Attention?


Laundry! finished this video for the Blood Arm over the holidays and it was just released. It’s got sweet cel-animated type and a grab bag of op-art printed over the 2-tone video. Great look and really great moments of animation throughout. Love it!

Posted on 30 January 2008 |

11 thoughts on “Do I Have Your Attention?

  1. Is everyone who work in motion graphics complete assholes or is it just the people that post on this site?

  2. “You posted something negative….whaaaaa – U haters ..I am going to tell my mommy…”

  3. It’s like Maurice Binder and Ed Banger having sex in a washing machine. I usually prefer musicvideos w/ weird narratives attached, but this is great for 100% band footage. Song grew on me after a couple listens… the Frenchy female helps move it along.

  4. i want to see it in higher resolution. oh, i liked both the song and the video… so no crying that people don’t post positively…