Joseph Kosinski for Chevy

I’ve been a fan of Joseph Kosinski (now with Anonymous Content) since back in the KDLab days, when his focus was on blurring the lines… Read more

Canadian Forces

This website for the Canadian Forces recruiting group is interesting on many levels. From a motion graphics angle, the introductory videos for each of the… Read more

Word Up, World

Word Up, World is an fun, eclectic new film by JJ Walker. It’s a series of six vignettes addressing serious problems in the world, but… Read more

Bitt Animation

Some really nice working coming out of this Buenos Aires based Animation and VFX house. One of my personal favorites that they worked on would… Read more

Only Superfad

I like the sparse layouts and sound design in this new campaign from Superfad for the California Lottery. The writing and animation are exceptionally well… Read more

Digital Kitchen for Target Credits

[Original Post] Imagines: CD: Anthony Vitagliano Designer: Shangyu Yin Compositor: Anthony Vitagliano 3d: Linas Jodwalis, Seth Hall Editor: Andrew Maggio Music: Modern Music Producer: Colin… Read more

Plankton Invasion

Plankton Invasion is here! Check out the latest episode in this funny series of short animations!

Hokusai An Animated Sketchbook

This award winning short film was written, directed, and animated by Tony White all the way back in 1978. The film brings to life the… Read more

Moresoon update

Carl Burgess (of Hi-Res! fame), updates his site with some nice experimental pieces. Check them out!

Fast Draw on CBS News

Josh Landis and Mitch Butler combined some bad green-screening, a whiteboard and After Effects to explain the mystifying concept of super-delegates. Katie Couric loved it.… Read more

Digital Kitchen for Target

Watch “Art Transports” | Watch “Art Imagines” The latest two outdoor Target promos from Digital Kitchen’s Chicago office couldn’t be more different. “Art Transports” is… Read more