Joyrider: Sun-Rype “Swing”

For their first joint project, Joyrider Films’ Wade Shotter and Andras Ketzer created “Swing,” a faux stop-motion spot for Sun-Rype. Independently, Wade and Andras’ work… Read more

Sun-Rype “Swing” Credits

directors: andras ketzer & wade shotter producer: sarah butterworth exec producer: spencer friend production & animation: joyrider london CG & compositing artists: andras ketzer, russell… Read more

Oxfam “Roar” Credits

Title: “Roar” Client: OXFAM Product: Call to action Agency: Rainey Kelly Producer: Claudio Gorini Junior Producer: Maria Prado-Uricoechea Creatives: Stephen Moss, Jolyon Finch Production Co:… Read more

R.E.M. “Hollow Man” Credits

Title: Hollow Man Artist: R.E.M. Label: Warner Bros. Records Directors: Gary Thomas, Stefan Woronko Production Company: Crush, Toronto Executive Producer: Jo-ann Cook Producer: Stephanie Pennington… Read more

Crush: R.E.M. “Hollow Man”

Watching the work of Toronto-based Crush is refreshing. They exercise a decidedly straightforward approach to motion graphics: no 3D (not even 2.5D), no crazy camera… Read more

Psyop: Save the Honeybees

Psyop’s latest for Haagen Dazs is a compact tale of unrequited love set to an operatic soundtrack. I kinda wish this was a :60 instead… Read more

Haagen Dazs “Opera” Credits

Haagen Dazs – “Opera” Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Co-Chairman, Creative Director: Jeff Goodby Group Creative Director: Margaret Johnson Group Creative Director: Jim Elliot Writer:… Read more

Double Your Pleasure

There’s a lot of nice, clean and functional motion work by London-based Double G Studios for BBC One, Chanel 4 and Audi Channel. These spots… Read more