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GOOD: The Hidden Cost of War

I love GOOD’s Transparency series. By combinging great writing with clean, concise visuals, GOOD consistently produces top-notch visual essays that treat viewers like intelligent beings. The latest in the series, a collaboration between Matt Owens and the Athletics, explains the costs of the war in Iraq.

It starts off with a familiar feeling typographic approach but then builds in complexity as more numbers are crunched and the total dollars are compounded. The project ends with a crisp, stinging finish that lodges in your brain. Whether you agree with the war or not, the overall impact of the video is hard to ignore.

Oh, and three cheers for GOOD’s new layout and video player. Nicely done!

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Pota Tseng: “Musk”

For this graduate thesis at SVA, Pota Tseng (currently at yU+co) took inspiration from a 1913 poem entitled The Gardener by Bengali artist and Brahmo spiritualist Rabindranath Tagore.

The short film is full of beautiful lighting and a painterly softness that befits its naturalistic themes. The mystical narrative is full of moments that give fleeting glimpses of transcendence instead of laying bare the truth after which the musk-deer hunts. This is probably related to the poem’s lines:

I seek what I cannot get,
I get
what I do not seek.

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Fortissimo/Psyop to Merge with Stink?

I’ll be honest, most of the details in this article about Fortissimo (the acquisition company that bought Psyop back in January) and Stink Productions in London are over my head. The gist of the deal, however, is that Psyop and Stink would be combining powers “to form a global production and digital content creation company with expertise in live action production, design, animation, visual effects and mixed media, initially focused on the advertising market.”

Some of Psyop’s biggest and best projects over the last year or so have come through Stink, so in terms of a creative partnernship, the deal definitely makes sense. Given the ever-expanding European market and Stink’s dominant position there, the merger seems like a solid business move, too.

It’s interesting to see this level of growth, especially when you consider that it’s backed by a publicly traded company.  Since the turn of the 21st century, the predominant form of motion studios has been the boutique—small privately owned shops working with cutting edge tech that enabled desktop production without massive investment.

Is this Psyop/Stink merger a harbinger of things to come for the industry at large? Are we leaving the boutique mentality behind? What new challenges do creative services companies face when shareholders are thrown into the mix?

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Smart Talk with Raisin

Smart Talk with Raisin

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