Studio AKA for Disney & Sing Up

Here’s two recent projects from the inimitable Studio AKA. Grant Orchards ‘Recycling’ for Disney is a slight cg twist on the lo-fi shoot aesthetic and Steve Small’s ‘Tone’ for Sing Up is a feel good sing along piece.

Both spots exemplify the beauty of simplicity and AKA’s trademark character driven storytelling. Oh and they’re fun! Enjoy!

  • I love it!

  • Studio AKA is top notch!

  • MHR

    excellent, excellent work! seamless blend of 2&3D elements – not too heavy on the digital side & a great handmade aesthetic. great job guys!

  • VincentLammers

    Love it! pure pixelated awesomeness! There always so creative!

    just grand.

  • invertebrae

    i wonder if genevieve gauckler was involved in the “tone” spot. the character designs really reminded me of her work.

    i liked these spots though, pretty nice niceness.