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Gravity: Pelephone “Other World”


For agency Adler, Chomsky & Warshavsky and Israeli telecom company Pelephone, Gravity spun this charming yarn of a groom running late to his wedding.

Kissed with Dr. Seussian details and full of sunlight, the spot ranks high on the Happy Index without feeling saccharine. Deflating cars, magical catapults and life-sustaining bubble gum are all handled with a good-natured wink, helped along considerably by Gravity’s superb job on the CG and compositing.

Posted on 17 March 2009 |

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10 thoughts on “Gravity: Pelephone “Other World”

  1. I’m not sure what the spot has to do with GSM, etc. But who cares? I loved it anyway. The did a great job creating another world that I’d like to visit.

    • I guess it’s a matter of reputation…

      Nice commercial! The clouds are funny and I’d like to visit those waterfalls, too.

  2. Great scene. Love the story and wish I could eat a gun ball and fly through the Universe.


  3. Wow- I want to live there! No more parking problems, perfect lighting, clothes never fade, and all my timing problems are saved with bubble gum.