Justin Claus Harder


Justin Claus Harder’s site is busting with wicked work.┬áDon’t miss some very cool character designs in the personal section with “work so personal I put it online.”

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  • It’s too bad he has the same name as http://www.justinharder.la. Nice work though

  • tinapinxit

    Huh? Another Justin Harder? Weird. I’ll call him Claus!
    Cool character work.

  • anonymous

    why do people who dont animate keep getting on motionographer??

  • remnant27

    why do dooshbags who don’t appreciate good design make comments like this:

    “why do people who dont animate keep getting on motionographer??”

  • lindovina

    great designers who are clearly passionate about great design get posted on motionographer.

    come on. this is a team oriented industry.
    and the commenting system doesn’t suck.