New 2009 Reel from Rob Chiu, The Ronin


Rob Chiu drops his 2009 reel and it is pretty dope!


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  • Legend!

  • nate

    i really admire his work, but everytime i watch it i associate it with the introsequence for “Stranger than Fiction” ( Looks like Rob is a big fan of analyze stuff then track the diagrams inside of footage, which is cool….

    … for a certain amount of time.

  • I can’t wait till someone takes the stranger graphics beyond the original creative, so we can get past the reference.

    • uh, ad-speak.

  • Awesome Work Ronin!
    Like Always! Very detailed and super Cinematic!

  • lindovina

    this guy should be a director of photography for features. such subtle detail in coloring and comp. outstanding body of work.