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Gravity: Pelephone “Canons”


As a follow up to their previous spot for Israeli telecom company Pelephone, Gravity teamed up with director Eli Sverdlov on another spot full of charm and cheer for agency Adler Chomski & Warshavsky/Grey Israel.

Like “Other World,” “Canons” is reminiscent of director Rupert Sanders‘ penchant for magical realism, but with a decidedly campy twist. The saturated visuals and grin-worthy denouement suggest an alternate reality of storybook proportions, the kind of place that could just as easily fit in a snow globe as it could in your imagination.

I like that level of approachability for something so surreal. It’s a difficult thing to master in 60 seconds of airtime.

Posted on 30 April 2009 |

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One thought on “Gravity: Pelephone “Canons”

  1. well what happens to the old man in the middle of all this? does he get crushed? That’s not sending a good message at all.