De Monsters

Monsters: 091 Tourists from Volstok Telefunken on Vimeo.

This is Monsters: 091 Tourists, just the latest of almost a hundred similar shorts made by Volstok Telefunken for a Belgian Show, “Man Bijt Hond.” The Monster films all feature silly, gross and joking Monsters animated over real live-action shots of people in everyday situations who interact with the drawn Monsters in unexpected and hilarious ways. Mix Candid Camera clips with 2 parts sick and twisted animation, shake and enjoy!

The Monsters’ own site is here.

  • FrameFlicker

    Nice concept and style. I blogged about a different project but similar idea here:
    It would appear as though monsters are in-vogue at the moment.

  • Boca Ceravolo

    F’n BRILLIANT!!! :-D

  • kristofluyckx

    GREAT! :)

  • Jurriaan

    I love it too! Nice dry humor, and the way the people react is wonderful too. Well done folks!

  • robokid

    wow, this really does rock.

  • mjoshua

    I still can’t believe that there’s nearly a hundred of them…