Parachute Ending


Will Sweeney and Steve Scott have teamed up to co-direct this trippy new video for Birdy Nam Nam. Made entirely in Flash and After Effects in a little over a month with a completely open brief given to the Directors by the band, Parachute Ending is a stand-alone sci-fi short inspired by the likes of La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet) and other vintage sci-fi references. It’s altogether surreal and mysterious with amazing illustrations and animation for this wordless synth-driven song. Totally digging it!

Update: Vimeo version here.

Thanks to Collin for the tip!


Production: Not To Scale

Will Sweeney – Illustrator and Concept
Steve Scott – Director and Concept / Animator and Compositor

Dan O’Rourke – Executive Producer
Lottie Hope – Producer
Kelly Ford – Production Assistant

Geoff Mac Dowell – Animator
Ed Willmore – Animator
Roland Edwards – Animator
Dele Nuga – Digital Painter
James Littlemore – Compositor
Big Active – illustration
Greg Burne – Illustration Producer

Recording Artist: Birdy Nam Nam
Track: “The Parachute Ending”
Commissioner: Alexandra Pilz Hayot
Record Label: Has Been / Savoir Faire


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  • Frickin thing ever..well done to the team !!! big kudos for pulling this mammoth project in such a short amount of time….totally worth it. This is epic awesomeness!

  • Love it. Great work all.

  • That just made my week. Awesome.