Upper First and Keith Loutit: Colorama


Another fine example of collaboration: Upper First taps Keith Loutit to create more tilt-shift beauty for Colorama and agency McCann Malmö

  • jamesw_2300

    I love the tilt shift technique. The magnifying glass part could have been better, just a really poor looking puff of smoke.

Upper First and Keith Loutit: Colorama

[qt:http://motionograph.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/colorama-980.mov 980 551]

Upper First and Keith Loutit work together for Colorama. Check out Upper First’s project page for the treatment and storyboards.

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Client: Colorama
Agency: McCann Malmö
Direction: Upper First
Director of Photography: Keith Loutit
Production: Upper First
Sound design: Kungen & Hertigen
Year: 2009