Peter Jansen: Human Motion Sculputures


Beautiful human motion sculptures by Peter Jansen.

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About the author

Tyquane Wright

I am a student at New York University. I love motiongraphics.

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  • linka

    this is just lovely!
    Is it all cg?
    is there a live sculpture displayed anywhere?
    I wasnt clear on that from the website

  • the ones on his site look cg to me. heres a link to a gallery.

  • I think he lists which materials the sculptures are created from on the Screen Right side of the site. I think they are physical sculptures. It seems like some are cast in bronze or chrome. If it is photography, those pieces still look “cg” clean in his website gallery.

    Thanks for the mocoloco link adam :)

  • ddd_dave

    you should copyright this as a new way to present sports trophies!