MTV Movie Award Leftovers

Created for (and rejected by) MTV Movie Awards. This slice of genius was made by LA duo Fatal Farm (who also animated the recent Major… Read more

Mass Animation: A Guest Rebuttal

Back in July, I scribbled out a diatribe against Mass Animation, a Facebook-supported competition to create a CG short film by crowd-sourcing the animation to… Read more

Mass Animation: Alexander Snow

[qt: 960 540] Three shots from Alexander Snow, participant in Mass Animation. Read his guest write-up about the experience here. launches a new website, showcasing custom music, sound design and foley work!

Twenty120 NYC Premiere

One can easily say that motion graphics has become one of the most tantalizing careers for the creative minded. The opportunity to make art utilizing… Read more

Michael Stevenson: Pigeon Pilfer

Excellent claymation fun in “Pigeon Pilfer,” the senior film of San Francisco State University student Michael Stevenson. (Via Drawn)


Salty. Directed by David Hicks, Effects by AXYZ.

Twenty120 Trailer 2009

[qt: 640 480] edited by Cass Vinini

Noah Harris for Blink Ink: Talk Talk

Joining forces with UK Production Company Blink Ink  and Agency CHI, Noah Harris directs Talk Talk. The light-writing concept is tired, but the spot’s worthy… Read more

Danny Yount: New Reel

Superb pacing and inspiring work in the new reel from Prologue creative director Danny Yount.