Onesize: Playground Fest Main Titles

The main title for this year’s Playgrounds Festival, created by Dutch design powerhouse, Onesize, offers us a first-hand look at an action-packed playground battle in super slow motion.

Shot on a Phantom, you ask?  Nope. With just a little over 2 weeks from concept to delivery, Onesize had to think outside the 7000 fps box. Enter photographer Jasper Faber and two flashlights.

That’s right, it’s all photography camera mapped in 3D.  To deal with the tight turnaround, Onesize brought in production company Revolver, to help produce the shoot, while Onesize stayed focused on the heavy post efforts. The 3D was executed using mainly Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max.

Click for more making-of details and process shots…

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  • Very cool. I’d love to see more info on what happened in the 3D program. Beautiful work.

  • Flabbergasted. The toppest of notches…


  • Great work fellas!

  • frq

    I LOVE IT!! great work! my inital reaction was that it was shot on a phantom…great stuff-

  • Stephen

    The creative process can definitely be a struggle.

    • Not sure what to make of your comment Stephen, but your film is completely new to us. Nice piece tho!

      • copycat

        You mean in the same way the Kozyndan illustration was new to Passion Pictures when they made the Sony Bravia PlayDoh spot?


        Not sure what to make of your biting ways Rogier! You seem instantly defensive when Stephen said nothing of your ruthless copying. That means you are guilty by your own admission. Even down to the sound design! I could care less what technique you use to bite other peoples work, LOL.

        • Sorry guys, but firstly this is compeletly different as aesthetic perception. And there is so different technical approach(i didnt get why you ignore this detail, if technic has much role about feeling in a work), although those follow the concept. To me they are totally different, except bald guys;)

          By the way, respect both. Like your video so much Stephen.

        • rvdkaaij

          Dont think there was any biting way in his reply. Furthermore, I do agree with Mert that the film mentioned is really a different film compared to the one Onesize made. Sometimes it can also be good old coincidence….

    • ocelot

      all a matrix superpunch ripoff y’all.

  • Pup

    Nice editorial pacing and audio.

  • i heart projection mapping…cool job onesize

  • kick ass