OK Go – WTF?

OK Go - WTF?
OK Go get their smeary trails on on WTF?, directed by Tim Nackashi. (Don’t forget to check out HTF? – The Making Of WTF? [Thanks, John!])

  • Motion Graphics

    Fantastic! What a massive amount of work. Great find!

  • http://www.growdesignwork.com Bran Dougherty-Johnson

    Nice, credits?!

    • http://www.yotamhadar.com/ yotam

      BAM, updated

      • http://www.growdesignwork.com Bran Dougherty-Johnson

        Hahah, nice, Yotam. Cool video with a simple trick! Love it. It’s like this piece by Oliver Laric: http://oliverlaric.com/airconditionvideo.htm but obviously more centered on funny action and the band members.

        • http://www.slanted.org/ Michelle Higa

          thanks bran! i was going crazy trying to remember who made the Oliver Laric vid. love how it starts with the abstract final image.

  • anonymouse

    why is this a quickie….. this is so much more smarter than it actually looks at first glance…
    some of the transitions they do are rather mind-fuckery– very gondry.

  • Kidinski

    NIce…. very nice.

  • xpez2000

    HAHA…this is like some trick from the Electric Company in 1975.

    its funny how people think things are new.

  • ddd_dave