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David O’Reilly & Jon Klassen “Black Lake”

Check out Black Lake, David O’Reilly & Jon Klassen‘s newest collaboration. A personal project rather than a commercial venture, it’s a lovely, looping, electric sheep dream.

“Black Lake” will be screening at the If You Could Collaborate show at A Foundation Gallery (London) through January 23. Wish I was on the other side of the Atlantic so I could check it out in person. Additional artists in the show include Julien VallĂ©e & Nicolas Burrows and Hellovon & Timothy Saccenti.

Posted on 18 January 2010 |

2 thoughts on “David O’Reilly & Jon Klassen “Black Lake”

  1. Awesome – David O’Reilly gets better and better. Very soothing to watch. It has echoes of the Radiohead Pyramid Song underwater video from a few years back.