Zigtech by Logan

The Zigtech spot we posted earlier this week is by Logan, and they’ve sent along credits and a link to a high-res version of the spot. Take a look!

UPDATE 04/08/10: A 2nd spot for Sidney Crosby is now out here as well.

Client: Reebok International
Agency: DDB Entertainment Berlin
Chief Creative Director: Amir Kassaei
Art Director: Leila El-Kayem
Senior Producer: Christine Kastens
Chief Account Director: Stephen Kimpel

Prodco: Logan & Sterntag Film GmbH
Director: Alexei Tylevich
Art Director: Kevin Stein
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Producer (Sterntag): Nadja Bontscheff
Post Producer: Christopher Lenz
Line Producer: Caleb Omens
DP: Florian Stadler
Editor: Volkert Besseling
Music & sound design: Soundscape
Lead Designer: Kenneth Robin
Design: Carlos Florez, Ian Kim, Juicy Wang
Lead Compositor: Kevin Stein
Lead Flame Artist: Brandon Sanders
3D Modeling: Josh Cortopassi, Julien Forest
3D Animators: Sei Sato, Johnny Lum
Roto: Brian Williams, Dan Everson, Ivy Depies


Josh Van Praag

Great spot! One thing bothering me, why does the guy catch a giant cheeseburger?


He tosses it. Blowing past temptation.


The irony is that Chad Ochocinco eats McDonald’s almost every day


juicy wang… nicccce, seriously?


with a name like that, he must be from mars or taiwan or something.


Front Page on Motionographer! thats awesome, Congrats guys.
and yeah Juicy Wang is the shit! He’s indeed from Mars too :)

C. F

Thiago Maia

I really like the spot, it is really well made, but for some reason the first thing that came to my mind when I started to watch was the commercial for times by Nervo. it is 2 different style and spots, but the begin of both is kind of the same, if you know what I mean. But again, really nice spot. well done!


for some reason, i think this has been done 130000 times before. really 90s. wicked.


Those camera moves are insane, I LOVE EM!

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