Zigtech by Logan

The Zigtech spot we posted earlier this week is by Logan, and they’ve sent along credits and a link to a high-res version of the spot. Take a look!

UPDATE 04/08/10: A 2nd spot for Sidney Crosby is now out here as well.

Client: Reebok International
Agency: DDB Entertainment Berlin
Chief Creative Director: Amir Kassaei
Art Director: Leila El-Kayem
Senior Producer: Christine Kastens
Chief Account Director: Stephen Kimpel

Prodco: Logan & Sterntag Film GmbH
Director: Alexei Tylevich
Art Director: Kevin Stein
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Producer (Sterntag): Nadja Bontscheff
Post Producer: Christopher Lenz
Line Producer: Caleb Omens
DP: Florian Stadler
Editor: Volkert Besseling
Music & sound design: Soundscape
Lead Designer: Kenneth Robin
Design: Carlos Florez, Ian Kim, Juicy Wang
Lead Compositor: Kevin Stein
Lead Flame Artist: Brandon Sanders
3D Modeling: Josh Cortopassi, Julien Forest
3D Animators: Sei Sato, Johnny Lum
Roto: Brian Williams, Dan Everson, Ivy Depies

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  • Great spot! One thing bothering me, why does the guy catch a giant cheeseburger?

    • He tosses it. Blowing past temptation.

      • id8

        The irony is that Chad Ochocinco eats McDonald’s almost every day

    • I love that part.

  • hootinany

    juicy wang… nicccce, seriously?

    • with a name like that, he must be from mars or taiwan or something.

  • Front Page on Motionographer! thats awesome, Congrats guys.
    and yeah Juicy Wang is the shit! He’s indeed from Mars too :)

    C. F

  • I really like the spot, it is really well made, but for some reason the first thing that came to my mind when I started to watch was the commercial for times by Nervo. it is 2 different style and spots, but the begin of both is kind of the same, if you know what I mean. But again, really nice spot. well done!

  • paul.lipson

    for some reason, i think this has been done 130000 times before. really 90s. wicked.

  • Those camera moves are insane, I LOVE EM!

  • great job peeps