Sean Dekker’s Work

Sean Dekkers has a nice collection of work to take a gander at.

About the author

Brian Gossett

As a kid, Brian Gossett drew his He-Man figures rather than playing with them. Soon he began putting muscles on everything he drew, from manatees to ice cream. Today, Brian lives in sunny Santa Monica pursuing his dream of starring in the sequel to “The Shogun Assassin.” While waiting to fulfill that dream, he works as a freelance designer/art director/illustrator and teaches a storyboarding class at The Art Center College of Design. Brian received his BFA in Graphic Communication and Design at the University of Houston in 2000 graduating Magna Cum Laude. Since then he has been involved in a wide variety of projects over the years both small and large. Some of the projects he has recently worked on are the 2008 Kid’s Choice Awards Show Promo as lead designer with Roger, a spot for Cellular South called “Taylor’s World” also as lead designer with BNS, the Ditech “People Are Smart” campaign with Nylon, and art directed the Apple iPod “Party” commercial as well as the welcoming animation to the AppleTV product with Logan. To this day Brian still puts He-Man muscle into his work, figuratively not literally.
  • Not sure if its an error or not but the ‘contact’ link is just a link back to the

    Lovely work! The range of type treatment is great

  • oeuf

    Dang! Good stuff Sean!

  • Wickedy wackedy Sean! Keep it up! :-D

  • Awesome stuff! Great music on the reel too.

  • That reel opening is sick man :)

  • Dude, brilliant work! Love the pastelly ice-cream / apple / banna sequences.

  • Nice Sean! Reels Lookin’ snazzy. Love the organic bits.

  • mintyfresh

    love this stuff!

    a tech question, what is the digital tool used most to create these kinds of cell style animations? Flash?

    • Yeah, cell animating is very easy in Flash. It’s not perfect (Flash optimizes the vector brush for web which makes getting perfect lines sometimes difficult) but it gets the job done. Toon Boom is another good 2D cell suite.

  • frq

    I really like the intro. Very Nice stuff! also curious how you pulled off the intro?