A.F. Schepperd’s tripped out video for Blockhead – “The Music Scene”

A.F. Schepperd’s tripped out video for Blockhead is nothing short of an incredible feat. Anthony acting as Director and the only animator said that he created the entire project just under 5 months, only working within Flash.

His previous work for Ape School really grabbed our attention. This time around, he’s really outdone himself.

Directimated by A.F.Schepperd
Commissioned by Ninjatune Records
Music by Blockhead

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  • My brain is now melted. Thank you!

  • … Amazing … Just amazing…

  • Anthony’s site:


    His work is flat out jaw-dropping.

  • rupertsdead


  • Definitely don’t watch if you’re high.

  • frq

    Phenomenal work!

  • jeeeeeesus christ that was fucking awesome 0_.

  • Well…Now I feel like a talentless pos.

  • incredible!
    and under 5 months all by himself, makes it even more incredible!

  • WOW really amazing work!

  • echolab