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Coalition Of The Willing Launch

Coalition of the Willing is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world. Between the start of February and the beginning of June 2010, Coalition of the willing was released in sections, now the final film is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Headed by Knife Party aka Simon Robson, the film has been crafted by artists and filmmakers using an array of eclectic techniques.

To celebrate the launch, there will be a launch event this Wednesday, June 30th. In London hosted by Nexus and Berlin hosted by Sehsucht Berlin and Parasol Island. We have 20 tickets to give away to the London launch. tickets will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. please send your request by 5pm on tuesday to beccym@nexusproductions.com

Feel free to just drop by the launch event in Berlin at CSA Bar, Karl Marx Allee 96, 10243 Berlin, 19:30h.

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BL:ND: “Lilac Wine”

“Lilac Wine” is a music video directed by Vanessa Marzaroli of Bl:nd to celebrate Dr. Marten’s 50th anniversary. The song is Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of the cult classic, “Lilac Wine,” made popular in the early 90s by Jeff Buckley.

Inspired by Spencerian Calligraphy, “Lilac Wine” is hypnotic as subtle movements transition incarnations of lost love. Like sheet music, the design pairs perfectly with the drifting music, in and out of solitude. The beauty of this graphic language is no surprise coming from a company with a history of creating some of the most iconic black and white spots in the industry.

Vanessa Marzaroli, creative director of the 2006 music video for Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”,  tells us more about “Lilac Wine”

The idea for the video came to me right away. The music is moving and it really felt like some sort of a lover’s letter or testimonial to me. With that said, I wanted something that was hand written and full of beautiful flourishes. I’m very fond of typography and calligraphy, so through my research, I found Spencerian penmanship to be quite inspirational.
I actually have a much deeper connection with animation. In my heart, I treat each project like a piece of music. This worked well for “Lilac Wine”, and we really took the opportunity to do something that was compelling to us, something we’d love to create.

With its grace and striking design, “Lilac Wine” takes us back to a time in our industry’s history when it wasn’t as important to create the most trendy work, as it was to challenge ourselves to do what we love, and be ourselves, better.

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AT-AT Day Afternoon

Patrick Boivin, of recent Iron Baby fame, scores again with a heartwarming tale of AT-AT as man’s best friend.  Update: Check out this short making of video.

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Fabian Tejada: 2010 Showreel

Motion Graphics Animator/Compositor, Fabian Tejada, whips up a hot new reel.

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Prologue: ESPN World Cup 2010

Prologue gets in on the action with this pulsing graphics package for the World Cup 2010 on ESPN.

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Cocoe : Fondo Del Agua (Water Fund)

What’s not to like about this? To me, anyway, this is another one of those ‘tick-all-the-right-boxes’ kind of spot. Cocoe, the Madrid-based multidisciplinary design studio, was commissioned by Shackleton, to create this spot for the Spanish government, which promotes:

“Fondo de cooperación para agua y saneamiento”- a public institution dealing with water supply and sanitation tasks- is a project that meets one of the “millennium goals”: reduce the proportion of  people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation by 2015.’

It supports a humanitarian cause, carries a social message. (tick). Stylistically, it’s adorable, friendly and very accessible. (tick). Technically, it’s well executed, the animation of the characters, especially the little girl and her dog, simply delightful. (tick).

Just like the Story of Kakenya which was posted last week, pieces like this gives me hope, that as animators and designers, we can use our skills for the greater good! Keep ‘em coming, I’d say!

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Bare Bones US Debut

On Tuesday the 29th at NYC’s Envoy Enterprises, London-based art crew, Bare Bones (founded by Harry Malt), will be having their US debut show. After a few successful shows in London and three editions of their quarterly zine, they’ll also be introducing video for the first time.

Bare Bones artist and video curator Matt Lambert has brought on the talents of Sean Pecknold, David O’Reilly, Andy Martin, Matt Smithson, Ant Food, Niall O’Brien, Ross McDonald and a few other surprise contributors.

More about Bare Bones and the event:

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