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Baby I’m Yours by Irina Dakeva

We saw this beautiful cel-animated and aquarelle-painted music video by Irina Dakeva for Breakbot recently and wanted to find out more about the production process… Read more

Baby I’m Yours Q&A

Questions: How did you come up with the concept and idea for your treatment of this music video? The day me and Breakbot decided to… Read more

MAD MMX 2010: July 2nd and 3rd

Madrid hosts MAD MMX 2010, featuring Dvein, David Carson, Kyle Cooper and Motionographer’s Matt Lambert, among many others.

Red Medusa for Hrusteam Snacks

Now, a quick return to the lo-fi, funny, flash animation genre, Red Medusa made these 40 spots for Hrusteam snacks, a brand that’s apparently owned… Read more

Johnny Kelly’s Play for YouTube

Nexus Production’s director Johnny Kelly just made this short film for YouTube Play, an exhibition that YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum in NYC are calling… Read more

Salesman Pete Trailer

Amazing looking trailer for animated short Salesman Pete. Also check out the production blog.