Channel Y

After a year and a half of blood, sweat, tears, and frankly a ‘lil procrastination, YYY / Channel Y is re-launched. With more people experiencing… Read more

Fernando Sanches Updates

Brazilian Director Fernando Sanches (of “Pee During Shower” fame) updates his web presence

Dvein Updates

Dvein updates their portfolio with four new spots: Roach and Termites for Terminix and new SyFy idents in The Mutant and Sapojo Director’s Cut.

cows & cows & cows

Looks like Cyriak is up to his usual tricks, fun times!

Moustache: “Softwar”

Paris based studio, Moustache, delivers a CG data visualization piece to illustrate the 2010 US military budget, in Softwar.


35mm is a beautifully designed and animated journey through the history of film.