Il Était une Fois… B&C for Benjamin Lacombe

Il Était une Fois… (French for Once upon a time) is a charming promotional video for an upcoming Pop-Up book by french illustrator Benjamin Lacombe by B&C. (As predicted on Motionographer)

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  • Two reasons why this piece is great, and not a “Copy” of the pop up concept.

    1. The rabbit is used as a device to explore the surfaces of the popup book, giving the pages weight and realism. It gains so much purpose when the rabbit squeezes under the cards and flower pedals.

    2. The eyes moving in the start. This appears to be the only time you see them move which adds suspense when they are seen later, especially on the moon. Almost like a “toy story” effect where you know its alive, but remains still.

    The pop up device was well used and didn’t once seem “Played out”

  • This is really quite beautiful.

    Paul Ducco

  • The style of the illustrations is very reminiscent of Mark Ryden.