iPad Light Painting

Berg London creates an experimental light painting video using an iPad (via Invisible Creature)



I think brilliant just abut describes it! why is this just a quickie?


cause psyop didnt do it.

James Wignall

Great stuff, it’s only a matter of time before some “creative” agency rips it off…


i put $10 on goodby, silverstein (known for their sprint rip off from pika pika)


This is classic example of: “dammit, it was so simple, it was right in front of you, and someone did it first, again…”

Great idea, great execution.


Cool, however I think, this guy came up with roughly similar concept a year ago
(second half of video)

Brian Walsh

While I was really impressed with the technique, I think the execution could have been a bit better. It seems more like a test than a polished piece. And after the first half I thought it started dragging. But you can’t argue with 16K hits on the first day!


An app is now available to do this people! And here is my results http://www.flickr.com/photos/diaghe/sets/72157625005854997/

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