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That David Wilson Does It Again

With each project, David Wilson continues to be one of the most interesting mixed-media directors to watch right now. Convinced he doesn’t sleep, we’ve seen him tackle a diverse range of the some of the most labor-intensive animation techniques in his short career. With his trademark “breathing new life into historical animation techniques”, David’s latest returns to that of 2D to create a hypnotic and painstakingly methodical journey for Japanese Popstars’ ‘Let Go’.

Update: Check out the making of!

Posted on 1 October 2010 |

10 thoughts on “That David Wilson Does It Again

  1. It’s lush.

    But it copies/borrows so much of Andreas Hykade new film Love & Theft that it makes me feel a bit sick with disappointment

  2. The objects/heads/food/tongues strung together pulling into black space sold it for me. The rest unfortunately felt a little “ive seen this before,” but never once felt unpolished.

  3. Great marrying with the music, palette, timing, and so, but mainly great mood and GREAT EXECUTION. What is with this constant death penalty tribune of “who was the first first first on earth”. Saul Bass is not the beginning of motion graphics, and Edison didn’t invented cinema. If you’re going to do something, do your best. Dali said “Those who don’t want to imitate anything, do nothing”. Just do!