MTV the Supercharts

Upperfirst with Johan Nordin and Måns Nyman brings us a big all-absorbing bubble gummy blob for Mtv

AIGNY Presents: Dark Design

AIGNY Presents: Dark Design (featuring Nathan Love, Takeshi Yamada, Sarah Forbes and Matt Lambert)

Gettysburg Address

Once in awhile, a piece comes along that speaks to you in so many different ways that you just want to listen, afraid that any… Read more

Playgrounds Festival 2010

Playgrounds describes itself as a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the two-day festival in Tilburg, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest… Read more

Justin “Juice” Harder

The Juice is loose. Motion graphic’s OTHER Justin Harder has recently gone freelance after spending years at Radium.


NODE10 Forum For Digital Arts is coming up on November 15-20 in Frankfurt.

Mainframe 2010 Reel

Mainframe cuts some solid work for their Winter 2010 showreel.

Thank You Updates

Thank You updates and launches a hot new reel