Mato Atom for WWF: We Are All Connected

A brilliant idea finds a comfortable home in a beautifully crafted spot, brought to you by Mato Atom. This work doesn’t require any comments, as it’s subtle simplicity speaks for itself.

Title: We Are All Connected
Length: 60 Sec
Client: WWF – World Wildlife Foundation

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
VP Creative Director: Jose Montalvo
Creative Directors: Victor Alvarado, Fernando Carrera
Agency TV Producer: Juan Pablo Osio

Production Company: Troublemakers
Director / Art Director: Mato Atom
Producer: James Hagger
Assistant Producer: Mélanie Aguilar Fauconnier
Storyboarder: Leonardo Weiss

Post Production: Digital District
Post Producer: Peggy Tavenne
Managing Director: David Danesi
SFX: Thomas Marqué
Animation: Romuald Caudroit
Modeling: Jimmy Cavé, Kevin Monthureux
Lighting / Renders: Nicolas Belin
Compositing / Flame: Seif Boutella
Assistant Flame: Amandine Moulinet

Music: Human

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  • yasuke_t

    This one is really great!
    It took me a while and I realized this is a great example of how simple idea can use some money from advertising production to be pushed up to the limit.
    Anyone remembers “Grand Central” by Kijek/Adamski? I was so intrigued by that piece, I dug deeper then and found some of their research work on that music video (
    WWF recollected me of that one a lot. At the same time I can’t decide what delights me more. Marvelous (but yet fake) superproduction like WWF or raw, chamber (but overall “real”) piece as “Gand Central”? (I’m aware that it’s largely academic issue)

  • billboard_bob

    Absolutely fantastic! Concept, look, motion.. it all works so well together. One of the best pieces of motion design I’ve seen for a while.

  • gorgeous piece! Very elegant!