Yoann Lemoine’s Opus for Woodkid

Director and photographer, Yoann Lemoine, has had a diverse and compelling career over the past few years. From his high fashion and music photography to award winning animated work for AIDES Graffiti, he’s plowing through visual genres with consistent precision in narrative, technique and finish.

His latest Tarsem-esque masterpiece for Woodkid is not only a testament to his prowess in cinematography, art direction sensibilities, nuance in effects and overall tone; but this 27 year old is also the singer and songwriter behind the haunting musical act!



Matt, imma gonna let ya finish, but I just gotta say that Jay-Z had one of the the best black & white surreal music videos of all time, OF ALL TIME!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM1RChZk1EU

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