See No Evil

See No Evil 2nd Anniversary

Thurs 31st March. Join SNE to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with Adrian Johnson, Steve Scott and Bare Bones, with music from Memoton & Kirmann! Free… Read more

2011 St. Louis Addy Awards Opening

Some beautiful moments in the 2011 St. Louis Addy Awards Opening Reel (a few of which remind me strongly of  this).


Ruairi Robinson’s Blinky. (Sound design by Echolab, score by Ólafur Arnalds)

Frame 2011 Reel

Montreal-based studio Frame launches its 2011 reel!

Transistor for Kraken Rum

              Brooklyn based studio, Transistor, just busted out this wet and wild spot for Kraken Rum, The Kraken: The… Read more

Transistor for Kraken Rum

  [qt: 640 480] “THE KRAKEN: THE BOTTLE, THE LEGEND” Credits: Project Title: “The Kraken: The Bottle, The Legend” Date Live: 03/14/11 Client: Proximo Spirits… Read more

Graham Chapman needs you!

Are you an animator? Do you love Monty Python? If so, check out here of how to get involved and help to make a stereoscopic… Read more

Jaron Albertin’s Prey2 Teaser

Prey2 Teaser for Bethesda Softworks, via goodness Mfg./Trailer Park, directed by Smuggler’s Jaron Albertin


COPY by Takahiro Yasuda (Thanks Brian!)

2011 RE:PLAY Film Festival

Tradition ain’t something to mess with. It’s got a hungry heart and a thirsty soul. At F5, the fun isn’t only on-stage and at the bar –… Read more

Dvein for Canal Odisea

Smart piece by Dvein re-branding Canal Odisea (music & sound design by Antfood). Some info on the process here.

One Minute Puberty

This piece speaks for itself and is as worthy of a full posting as anything I’ve seen this year so far. Have a happy Friday… Read more